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[Introduction]: What about working outside the Shanghai 2020 census? Are you coming back? The local treasure editor brings you News related to Shanghai census.

What should I do if I work outside the Shanghai 2020 census?

The census is conducted on a household basis. As long as there is one person in the family, you can fill in the information of other residents. Therefore, the family members who go to work and are on business do not need to come back. In case, when the census taker enters the household, there is no one in the family, and the family does not choose to fill in the report independently, the census taker will leave an appointment form and an appointment number, residents can make an appointment according to their commuting time and the census taker’s appointment time, or they can call the census taker to make an appointment time.

There are also some old people who are worried that they are old, can’t see the registration form clearly, and can’t write. What should I do? The staff of the census office said that the census was mainly conducted through oral inquiries by the census takers. When the census takers register, the citizens only need to answer truthfully and orally, while the process of filling out the form is completed by the census takers, after filling in, the citizen will sign and confirm.

The main contents of this census:

This census mainly investigates the basic situation of Population and Households, including name, citizen ID number, gender, age, nationality, education level, industry, occupation, migration, marriage, birth, death, housing, etc.