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[Introduction]: Shanghai launched the “garbage classification supervision” mini program! The system mainly includes three parts: “I want to supervise”, “I want to praise” and “supervision feedback.

In order to implement the “Regulations of Shanghai Municipal domestic waste classification management” and strengthen the continuous supervision of garbage classification, the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress and the municipal urban management comprehensive law enforcement bureau jointly developed the small program of “garbage classification supervision. Through this program, NPC deputies can supervise the management of garbage sorting delivery collection points anytime and anywhere by taking photos and uploading photos on their mobile phones and put forward relevant suggestions, timely reflect the actual situation of waste classification work in Shanghai, and help to find and solve the problems in waste classification work.

Figure Source: Shanghai garbage sorting manager

According to the relevant person in charge of Shanghai urban management department, the “garbage classification supervision” mini program includes three content sections: “I want to supervise”, “I want to praise” and “supervise feedback. If you find that the management of a garbage sorting delivery point is not perfect, you can take two photos of “close-up picture” and “overall picture” and upload them directly through the mini program “I want to supervise” section, the relevant responsible units will handle the supervision problem in a timely manner and feedback the handling situation under the “supervision feedback” section. Through small programs, you can also find some well-managed delivery collection points. Under the “I want to praise” section, you can also take the above two photos, give praise for the well-done garbage sorting and delivery collection points.

It is understood that the mini program has completed the identity verification of municipal people’s congress representatives and has been put into trial operation. Because the mini program is simple and easy to operate, the support participation of NPC deputies is relatively high. In addition, participation in garbage classification supervision in small procedures will be one of the important references for NPC deputies to perform their duties. The relevant person in charge of the municipal urban management department introduced that the function of this mini program will be further improved and extended to CPPCC members, garbage classification supervisors, etc. to better play the role of joint supervision of garbage classification.