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[Introduction]: the latest news of Shanghai’s new crown vaccine: at present, Shanghai has carried out large-scale population vaccination work of the new Crown vaccine. Among Chinese and domestic cadastre citizens, aged 18-59, without vaccination taboos, you can make an appointment for vaccination.

Shanghai New Crown vaccination news:

Appointment place of new Crown vaccine for ordinary people

Click here to view the list of all vaccination sites.

Overseas personnel can make an appointment to receive the new Crown vaccine.

According to the guidelines for Shanghai to study abroad or inoculate New Crown vaccine for private use, the vaccination units in Shanghai are 15 vaccination sites such as Shanghai First People’s Hospital and Shanghai Red Cross Hospital (click to view the specific list). When vaccination, you must bring the original and copy of your ID card, passport and certificate of admission abroad (such as admission notice) to the vaccination, or provide a visa certificate. (Click to view the appointment guide)

Vaccination sites are community health service centers, health centers or large hospitals.

On December 21, at a press conference, Cui Gang, the head of the CDC Bureau of the National Health and Health Commission, responded to where to inoculate the new Crown vaccine: at present, all regions are actively implementing various measures to provide convenient services for the masses to vaccinate. Under normal circumstances, the vaccination units are all health service centers, township health centers or general hospitals located in the jurisdiction, which are generally covered in the jurisdiction. The health committee has requested all regions to timely announce the vaccination sites and units capable of vaccination within their jurisdiction, including location and service time. If vaccination involves some centralized units, we will also consider setting up some temporary vaccination points to provide services at home. Of course, the inoculation conditions must be strictly regulated. At the same time, relevant units or individuals will also be notified, where to fight, when to fight, and make an appointment in advance. In addition, you can also consult the local health administrative department or disease prevention and control agency in your jurisdiction. Please also pay attention to the relevant information release platform and provide you with this information.

Who are the first to get the new Crown vaccine in Shanghai:

Vaccination is carried out according to the “two steps” program.

Cui Gang, the head of the CDC Bureau of the National Health Commission, introduced that specifically, the current vaccination strategy in our country is to implement vaccination nationwide according to the “two steps” plan.

The first step is mainly to carry out vaccination for some key groups, including import cold chain, port quarantine, ship piloting, air crew, fresh food market, public transportation, staff with relatively high risk of infection such as medical treatment and disease control, and those who go to work or study in high-risk countries or regions, try their best to relieve the pressure of imported epidemic prevention and control, reduce the risk of local cases and domestic epidemic outbreaks.

In the second step, more vaccines will be put into use with the approval of the vaccine attached conditions or the gradual increase of vaccine production. Through orderly vaccination, the eligible people can realize the “acceptance” and gradually build an immune barrier among all groups to block the spread of coronavirus in China.

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