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[Introduction]: where was a case of asymptomatic infected person imported abroad found in Huadu district? Was it found in Furong resort, Huadu district? Where is the specific location?

Discovery location:

Xinyuan Hotel, inbound isolation Hotel, Huadu district, Shanghai, is located in Furong resort, Shiling town, Huadu district.

Discovery Time:

October 15, 2020

How to find out?

On October 15, 202020, Huadu district of Shanghai conducted regular inspections on the staff of the isolation hotel, and found that one case of coronavirus nucleic acid was screened positive, and it was reviewed as asymptomatic infected on 16th.

Wang Moumou, male, 40 years old, Shanghai Huadu District entry personnel isolation hotel Xinyuan Hotel staff, daily living in the hotel staff dormitory, on October 5th routine examination nucleic acid test negative.

On October 15, Huadu district of Shanghai carried out regular inspection of the staff of the isolation hotel again. Wang Moumou’s nucleic acid test result was positive at the beginning and has been transferred to the Eighth People’s Hospital of Shanghai for isolation medical observation. At present, there is no fever, cough and other discomfort.