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[Introduction]: Which hotel is the epidemic in Shanghai? On October 15, an asymptomatic infected person was found in Xinyuan Hotel, Huadu District entry isolation Hotel in Shanghai. He was a hotel worker.

On October 16, Shanghai Huadu District Xinguan pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters released the announcement on carrying out nucleic acid detection of Xinguan virus. The announcement said that Huadu District will carry out the new coronavirus nucleic acid test and screening for the areas of Furong resort and related villages in Shiling town and Huashan town around it on October 16, 202020. During the centralized testing period, Zhou’s residents are invited to obey the unified arrangement, carry ID cards, do personal protection, and accept nucleic acid testing according to staff guidelines.

Which hotel is the epidemic in Shanghai?

One asymptomatic infected person found on October 15 was the staff of Xinyuan Hotel, Shanghai Huadu District immigration isolation hotel. Xinyuan Hotel is located in furongyan resort, Shiling town, Huadu district.

Shanghai Xinyuan Hotel

Address: No. 38, Fubin Road, Furong resort, Shiling town, Huadu district, Shanghai

Shanghai Xinyuan Hotel officially opened in January, 2006. It is located in furongluo resort, Shiling town, Huadu district. It is quiet, clean and comfortable, with thoughtful service, comfortable rooms and complete facilities.