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[Introduction]: Why does Shanghai’s seventh census require a mobile phone number? Xiao Bian collected relevant information about Shanghai’s seventh census for everyone!

Why does Shanghai’s seventh census require a mobile phone number?

The content of the Seventh National Census survey in Shanghai does not include the mobile phone number, so there is no need to register the mobile phone number. The census mainly investigates the basic situation of Population and Households, including name, gender, age, nationality, nationality, education level, industry, occupation, migration and mobility, social security, marriage, childbirth, death, housing situation, etc.

Census method: the government census agency will send census takers to the household for registration, or the household will independently fill in the census short form. The census takers and census instructors shall present the work certificates issued by the Census agencies of the people’s governments at or above the county level when entering the household registration.

On the morning of October 11, the launching ceremony of Shanghai’s seventh national census was held. In his speech, Mayor Wen Guohui pointed out that the Seventh National Census will comprehensively investigate the population quantity, structure, distribution, urban and rural housing and other situations in China, in order to promote the long-term balanced development of the population, scientifically formulate national economic and social development plans, promote high-quality economic development, and provide scientific and accurate statistical information support.