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[Introduction]]:Guangzhou civilized behavior promotion regulations passed the vote! The regulations stipulate that indoor public places should listen to music and wear headphones, advocate meal sharing system, use public chopsticks serving spoon, and use public transportation preferentially when traveling.

“Advocate dining system and use public chopsticks serving spoon” “take the initiative to let police cars, fire engines and ambulances performing tasks” “indoor public places to watch and listen to audio-visual materials, headphones should be worn”…… On the morning of June 30, the 38th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress voted to pass the “Guangzhou civilized behavior Promotion Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as “regulations”), which will be implemented after the approval of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress.

The “regulations” emphasize the “exemplary role of key groups” and stipulate that “public officials, advanced model figures and public figures should play an exemplary role in promoting civilized behavior.

Public order specification indoor public places listening to music wearing headphones

In terms of the norms of public order, the “regulations” stipulate that civilized etiquette in public places should be followed, and no loud noise or foul language should be used; Headphones should be worn when watching and listening to audio-visual materials in indoor public places; when conducting recreational activities in outdoor public places, reasonably control the volume, and shall not affect the life, work and study of others; Observe the order of queuing; When taking buses, subways and elevators, go out first and then in; abide by the “one-meter line” civilized guiding signs set by the management units of public places.

In combination with the current epidemic prevention and control work, the “regulations” have added relevant contents to prevent and control the transmission of diseases, stipulating that “when suffering from infectious diseases, effective measures should be taken to prevent the transmission of others”.

In terms of traffic civilization regulations, the “regulations” require that when driving vehicles, they should not use telephones or other electronic products by hand, and should not change lanes, interspersed, plug in or occupy emergency lanes at will, lights and horns shall not be used illegally; When driving a vehicle to a pedestrian crossing, it shall slow down. When pedestrians are passing through the pedestrian crossing, they shall stop and let go. When encountering police cars, fire engines, ambulances, when special vehicles such as breakdown lorry, they should take the initiative to give up.

In view of some uncivilized phenomena in take-out, express delivery and other industries, the “regulations” have added provisions, “express delivery, take-out and other logistics distribution enterprises should establish internal traffic safety management systems, express delivery, take-out and other logistics and distribution practitioners shall abide by traffic safety regulations and shall not implement acts that hinder road traffic safety.”

Community public civilization standard cultural and sports activities do not disturb people and shall not occupy public space

“Classify domestic waste, do not throw waste such as Peel, packaging, paper scrap, cigarette butts, chewing gum, etc., and do not spit or urinate anywhere.” The “regulations” emphasize the garbage classification for the civilized regulation of ecological environment. The “regulations” also stipulate that publicity articles shall not be illegally posted, painted, depicted and hung on the external walls, corridors, stairs, telegraph poles, outdoor pipelines and other outdoor facilities of buildings or structures; waste shall not be burned in open places and garbage collection containers; Take good care of wild animals, shall not illegally capture, Hunt, trade or eat wild animals, and shall not trade or eat illegal wild animal products.

In response to many uncivilized phenomena that do not cooperate with the proper management of the community exposed in the fight against the epidemic, the “regulations” added provisions to the norms of community public civilization, “abide by the community residents’ conventions and management regulations, cooperate with the service and management work carried out by community workers and property service enterprises in accordance with relevant regulations.” It is also stipulated that pets should be kept in a civilized manner; It should not be thrown at high altitude to prevent damage caused by falling of appendages, hanging objects or shelving objects of buildings; Decoration, decoration operations or entertainment should be carried out indoors, physical exercise and other activities should control the volume to avoid disturbing the surrounding residents; Do not occupy public space, do not damage the common facilities, do not dry, hang, and put unsightly items in public places, buildings or structures shall not be built in violation of laws and regulations.

Encourage civilized behavior to announce honorary title

Civilized behavior deserves praise and needs encouragement. Therefore, the “regulations” stipulate the incentive system, stipulating that “the municipal and district people’s governments and their relevant administrative departments shall strengthen civilized cities, civilized communities, civilized villages and towns, civilized units, civilized campuses, civilized Family and other construction.”

Among them, those with outstanding performance and remarkable results shall be commended and rewarded in accordance with relevant regulations. Information such as honorary titles of units and individuals, commendation and reward of civilized behaviors, etc. shall be recorded in credit files according to the principle of voluntariness. Encourage employers to give priority to hiring or employing advanced figures such as moral models, good people around them, and excellent volunteers under the same conditions.

According to the “Regulations”, a civilized behavior record platform will be established to announce units and individuals that have won honorary titles such as civilized units, moral models, good people around them, excellent volunteers, etc, and timely expose the bad uncivilized phenomena. To announce the honorary title, the consent of relevant units and individuals shall be obtained.

At the same time, when exposing the bad uncivilized phenomena on the civilized behavior recording platform, the platform manager shall take measures to protect the relevant units and personal information, and shall not disclose state secrets and trade secrets, personal privacy and other legitimate rights and interests shall not be infringed.

 Civilized behavior advocates the promotion of meal splitting and less use of disposable consumer goods

1. Advocate the green concept: promote meal splitting system and use public chopsticks serving spoon; Reduce the use of disposable consumer products, give priority to recycled products, and refuse excessive packaging; Give priority to public transportation when traveling, save water, electricity, fuel oil, natural gas and other resources, rational consumption, etc.

2. Advocate to help each other: advocate to help each other, care for each other, and encourage to provide help to others within their capabilities. Citizens with rescue skills are encouraged to carry out on-site rescue when others have injuries or are in other life and health risks. Encourage those who need help to call 120 emergency calls, 110 alarm calls, 119 fire alarm calls and other emergency service calls to help them seek help.

3. Advocate special care: care for and respect the disabled, the elderly, minors and other groups, and provide convenient facilities, information and services for them to participate in social life. When taking public transportation, we advocate giving up seats for passengers who are old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant women and babies. Encourage and support units and individuals to set up love service points and public welfare reading points to provide outdoor workers such as sanitation workers with convenient services such as drinking water, heating meals, shelter from wind and rain, reading books and newspapers.

4. Advocate courage for Justice: encourage and support citizens to adopt legal and appropriate ways and implement courageous acts within their capabilities. If the righteous and courageous personnel and their relatives request legal aid due to disputes arising from their righteous and courageous behaviors, the Legal Aid Agency shall provide assistance in a timely manner. Personnel who meet the conditions for confirmation of Justice and Courage shall be confirmed in a timely manner in accordance with relevant regulations, and shall be rewarded and guaranteed.

5. Advocate free donation: encourage and support free blood donation, donate hematopoietic stem cells, human tissues and organs, etc.

6. Advocate voluntary service: encourage and support participation in voluntary service activities and set up various voluntary service organizations according to law. Relevant units shall provide convenience and guarantee for volunteers and voluntary service organizations to carry out voluntary service.

7. Advocate charity and public welfare: encourage and support participation in charity and public welfare activities such as poverty alleviation, supporting the elderly, helping the disabled, helping the poor, helping the poor, helping students, helping the disaster, medical assistance, environmental protection, etc., and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved in charity and public welfare activities.

8. Advocate psychological care: encourage and support the establishment of social psychological service institutions, improve social psychological service system, counseling mechanism and crisis intervention mechanism.