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[Introduction]: during the 8-day long holiday of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in 2020, do you need to be isolated for 14 days when you return to Shanghai from other places? Do you need to be isolated when entering Shanghai?

2020 Shanghai Mid-Autumn Festival national day isolation policy

At present, Shanghai has not announced the relevant regulations on the isolation of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day travel back Spike. According to the information mentioned in the previous policy, the editor will sort it out as follows (the specific regulations are subject to the news of Shanghai health committee, shanghai government isolation Hotline 020-12345):

Domestic return to Shanghai:

1. Anyone returning to Shanghai from a low-risk area or Macao with normal body temperature and holding “Guangdong Kang Code Blue code” or “Suikang code blue, green code” does not need to be isolated for 14 days. Among them, before entering Macao, you must complete nucleic acid testing, apply for “Macao health code” and “Guangdong health code”, and convert “Macao health code” to “Guangdong health code” to obtain customs clearance certificate.

2. Those returning to the ear from Hong Kong and Taiwan will be observed in centralized isolation medicine for 14 days on site, and full coverage free nucleic acid testing will be carried out, and the expenses for centralized isolation and accommodation will be paid by themselves.

Return to Shanghai abroad:

All inbound personnel (including transit passengers) from ports in Shanghai are isolated from medical observation on site, nucleic acid detection is carried out, and the expenses for accommodation and accommodation are isolated on their own.

The background of “Suikang code” is blue (the code holder uses the intelligent terminal to generate it by himself) or green (the code holder is generated by the co-resident relatives, village residents committee, property enterprise staff, etc.).