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[Introduction]: What is Tianhe High-Tech Zone? How will it be built? This article will take you to understand the “road map” for the construction and development of Shanghai Tianhe High-Tech Zone “.

On the morning of July 23, Shanghai Tianhe district promoted Shanghai Tianhe High-Tech Zone to accelerate the construction of site meeting and key project construction promotion meeting was held in Tianhe Zhigu district. The activity focused on 20 projects in Tianhe High-Tech Zone, which marked that Tianhe took speeding up the construction of key projects as the starting point, and built Tianhe High-Tech Zone into the province’s leading innovation-driven development demonstration zone with high standards, high levels and high quality, emerging industrial agglomeration areas, transformation and upgrading leading areas and high-quality development leading areas empower Tianhe’s high-quality economic and social development agglomeration.

Focus 1. What is Tianhe High-Tech Zone?

Construction of three large areas in North, Middle and South “accelerated running”

Tianhe High-Tech Zone, which covers an area of 16.17 square kilometers, is located in the northeast of Tianhe district. It covers the core area of Tianhe wisdom City (part Xinjian District of the high Tang dynasty of the non-Tianhe Science and Technology Park) and the planning of guannitrogen-Olympic sports area, north, middle, the South three large areas constitute the development block.

Tianhe High-Tech Zone location map

Among them, the northern and central areas will focus on building into a new generation of information technology industry agglomeration area. The southern area is the location of Tianhe Zhigu (guangnitrogen-Olympic sports area). It plans to build a spatial pattern of “three cores, four corridors and seven units”, which is expected to achieve a total production value of over 100 billion yuan, carrying 170,000 employed people.

High-Tech Zone is the golden signboard of urban development and an important engine of urban development. Since 2017, Tianhe, relying on Tianhe wisdom city and Tianhe Zhigu district, has actively planned Tianhe High-Tech Zone and is committed to injecting strong “high-tech power” into economic development and inserting soaring “technological wings”.

In February 25 this year, the provincial government agreed to identify Tianhe High-Tech Zone as a provincial high-tech zone. Shanghai finally ushered in the second high-tech zone after 32 years, which was also one of the first high-tech zones identified by Shanghai after 7 years, this marks a new starting point and a new journey for the construction and development of Tianhe High-Tech Zone.

Focus 2. How to build Tianhe High-Tech Zone?

There are these “small goals”

According to the plan, Shanghai Tianhe High-Tech Zone will take the development of high technology and industrialization as its direction, and strive to become an innovation-driven development demonstration zone, an emerging industry gathering zone, a transformation and upgrading leading zone, and a high-quality development leading zone.

Tianhe will implement the innovation-driven development strategy in depth, deploy the innovation chain closely around the industrial chain, lay out the industrial chain around the innovation chain, put the development of Shanghai Tianhe High-Tech Zone into the overall development of the city, and actively improve the management system and mechanism, strengthen policies and measures; Take paying close attention to project construction as the starting point to accelerate the construction of new power sources and growth poles for high-quality development.

Small goals:

1. Build a new science and technology city with the integration of production cities; 2. The core node of the Science and Technology Innovation Corridor of Guangzhou and Shenzhen Hong Kong and Macao; 3. The leading professional new district of smart industry in China; The world-class innovation and entrepreneurship platform for livable and suitable industries, shanghai national science and technology industry innovation center and an important platform for the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area.

At present, a leading group for development and construction led by municipal leaders has been set up, which is following the idea of “mature conditions, development and utilization, and timely results, high standards first develop and build small Xintang Area and Maanshan area. Tianhe High-Tech Zone strives to achieve double-digit growth in the number of high-tech enterprises in gross trading income and the region every year, and forms a batch of innovative industrial clusters around the new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, digital creativity and other industries, strive for promotion to national high-tech zone after three years.

Focus 3. What are the basic advantages of Shanghai Tianhe High-Tech Zone?

1. Excellent geographical location

Tianhe High-Tech Zone is located in the northeast of Tianhe district, adjacent to Shanghai Science City and Tianhe wisdom city, Nanwang Tianhe central business district and Shanghai International Financial City, with a planned area of 16.17 square kilometers, consisting of northern area, central area, the southern area consists of three blocks.

2. Good industrial foundation

Tianhe’s new generation of information technology industry has a strong foundation. In 2019, software enterprises above the scale in the region accounted for 58% of the city’s total; Realized revenue accounted for 49% of the city’s total; It owns more than 3400 national high-tech enterprises. Tianhe is rich in innovative talents. There are more than 300,000 college students and various scientific and technological innovative talents in the whole district. High-end creative talents in modern service industry account for more than half of the city.

3. Large development space

As the core component of Tianhe High-Tech Zone, Tianhe Zhigu area has 215 hectares of planned industrial and commercial land with a construction area of 5.58 million square meters. It is estimated that it can achieve a GDP of over 100 billion yuan and carry 170,000 employed people.

In the past two years, 23 industrial and commercial land can be sold, with a total land area of 28 hectares and a total construction of 740,000 square meters. The planned residential land is 185 hectares and the construction area is 4.26 million square meters. Tianhe district will also accelerate the transformation of “three old” to promote urban renewal and release more industrial space for the development of high-tech zones.

4. Integration of production and City, livable and suitable for business

Tianhe High-Tech Zone has basically built a traffic circulation supporting network with external access and internal access, planning and layout of “five horizontal and three vertical” high expressway network, “four horizontal and six vertical” internal road network system, effectively implement interconnection “. It has created a batch of high-quality education and medical treatment resources such as the cooperation School with Tsinghua affiliated China university and the traditional Chinese medicine hospital affiliated to Shanghai Medical University. JAL Hotel, Central Food Depot, Vanke Yuncheng City complex, etc. have been put into operation one after another, and commercial supporting facilities have been continuously improved.

Ecology is preferred. Only the core component of Tianhe High-Tech Zone Tianhe Zhigu area has 315 public service facilities, 447 hectares of green space and square land and 140,000 square meters of construction area, focus on building “parks in cities and cities in parks” to realize the harmonious integration of natural ecological landscapes and science and technology innovation industries and become a livable smart park.

5. Industrial agglomeration and good development status

High-end leading. Nearly 700 science and technology enterprises have gathered around Tianhe High-Tech Zone, basically forming a modern industrial system dominated by the new generation of information technology industry and supported by science and technology research and development and financial services, A number of industry leading enterprises have emerged. Nearly 50 “high-tech, high-quality, high-end” general enterprises have submitted their investment plans. Seven enterprises, including Baitian information, Desheng technology, Jiangxi fun, and Yi digital, have taken the land, it is estimated that after the completion of 15 industrial land transfer this year, the total construction scale will reach 671,000 square meters, with a total investment of over 15 billion yuan.

6. Strong allocation of innovative resources

There are nearly 30 colleges and universities around Tianhe High-Tech Zone. The region has more than 30 laboratories and engineering technology research centers at or above the municipal level, 6 incubators at or above the provincial level, and 6 public innovation spaces. Relying on Shanghai (International) the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into Tianhe base, innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao (Shanghai), and the radiation driving effect of Tianhe talent port are accelerating the gathering of innovative elements such as capital, talents, technology and achievements, actively seize the commanding heights of future technology and industrial development.

7. Excellent business environment

Tianhe made great efforts to optimize the service of investment promotion and capital introduction projects, realizing the “examination and approval of an official seal” and the “2-hour completion and establishment of enterprise registration”, the approval of engineering construction projects should be conducted in the “One window” comprehensive joint office. Strengthen the guarantee of municipal supporting facilities, implement “one-stop life-long service” throughout the life cycle, and realize the orderly connection of introducing reserves, landing construction and production.

Focus 4. What is the layout of Zhigu area in Tianhe High-Tech Zone?

Focus on building the “Tianhe Zhigu” dominated by industrial functions, focusing on the layout of 5G, high-end software, industrial software, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other industrial directions. At present, nearly 50 “high-tech, high-quality and high-end” general enterprises have submitted their investment intention. 15 enterprises plan to settle in, with a total investment of over 15 billion yuan and a total construction scale of 671,000 square meters.

The entire area will be divided into three phases for development:

01. Period (2020-2022)

We will concentrate on building main roads and core landscape environment, and strive to implement the first batch of engine-type industrial projects;

02. Medium term (2023-2025)

Basically realize the development goal of the area, gather software and supporting service industries;

03. Forward (2026-2030)

The development and construction of the area are basically completed, and the industry of the area is mature.

Tianhe Zhigu’s leading industries are the new generation of information technology (big data, cloud computing, next generation Internet, next generation mobile communication, etc.) and cultural creativity (digital content, creative design, art services, creative commerce, etc.), radiation industry is artificial intelligence and biopharmaceutical.

Focus V. What are the key projects?

Based on the industrial development foundation of Tianhe district, Tianhe High-Tech Zone will focus on the development of digital economy related industries such as software and information services, new generation of information technology, digital creativity, etc., and accelerate the cultivation of blockchain, artificial intelligence, intelligent Internet connection, new energy vehicles and other emerging industries.

This activity was concentrated, with 36 projects signed, started and laid the foundation, and the total investment of the project exceeded 80 billion yuan. Among them, there are 17 contracted projects with a total investment of 46.3 billion yuan; 19 centralized construction and foundation laying projects with a total investment of 34.7 billion yuan; Covering the headquarters of financial enterprises such as Shanghai Taiping Financial Building, South Guangdong bank, Guangdong incubator, the leading enterprises in digital technology industry, such as digital and quxuan network, Guangzhou nitrogen project, Sunshine City and other real estate projects for people’s livelihood and happiness.