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[Introduction]: As of September 4, the number of confirmed cases of Xinguan pneumonia in Xinjiang has increased for 19 consecutive days. So do you need nucleic acid tests for traveling to Xinjiang in Shanghai now?

Do you need nucleic acid tests for traveling to Xinjiang in Shanghai?

According to the release of Xinjiang, Xinjiang travel across provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) only requires health codes and taking temperature, without nucleic acid detection and isolation. At the same time, in order to better serve the vast number of tourists, the culture and tourism department of the autonomous region announced the 24-hour consultation service telephone number: market management office.

Why is the nucleic acid test result valid for 7 days?

The validity period of nucleic acid detection is set to 7 days, which is mainly considered from the transmission and epidemic rules of coronavirus, especially the incubation period, usually, the incubation period of covid-19 virus infection is mostly 3 to 7 days, some people will be shorter than 7 days, and some people will grow up to 7 days. From observation, the length can reach 14 days, so 14 days is regarded as a deadline for isolated observation of close contacts.

How to deal with positive nucleic acid test?

The detection organization shall notify the detection object of the detection result in a timely manner.

For those with positive test results, direct network reporting, epidemiological investigation, epidemic disposal, etc. shall be carried out according to regulations. Social testing agencies shall timely report the information of those with positive test results to the disease control agencies of the county (district) where they are located.

Confirmed patients are immediately transferred to designated medical institutions according to regulations, and asymptomatic infected persons are observed in centralized isolation medicine according to regulations. If clinical manifestations occur during observation, they should be transferred to designated medical institutions in time, timely revision after diagnosis.

All regions should reasonably set up isolation points based on counties (districts), so as to ensure that all separation and receivables should be collected.