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[Introduction]: in the face of the rapid spread of the overseas epidemic, Shanghai has strict prevention and control measures to achieve closed-loop management of the whole process of “four links.

From February 27 to April 11, Shanghai has undertaken 443 inbound flights, with a total of 56849 transshipment passengers, of which 17889 are destined for Shanghai. Faced with the rapid spread of overseas epidemics, Shanghai pays close attention to overseas epidemics, carefully searches for potential risks, strengthens joint prevention and control, strictly conducts health quarantine, implements closed-loop management, and resolutely curbs the input risks of overseas epidemics.

Strict prevention and control measures to achieve closed-loop management of the whole process of “four links.

Strict air transportation. The day before the arrival of the inbound flight, the border inspection and airport department provided flight and personnel information. Six hours before the arrival of the flight, the special service team implemented personnel transfer and hotel guarantee to advance the pass.

Strict port quarantine. Implement precise inspection and control and health management to ensure effective control of infection sources and effective blocking of transmission chains.

Strict transshipment. Adhere to the “one flight, one discussion”, scientifically formulate the transfer plan, and basically realize that people can go immediately when they arrive at the car.

Strictly centralized isolation. Arrange 24-hour duty, regular body temperature monitoring and make a round of visits service.

At the same time, do a good job in joint defense and joint control of foreign countries in key activity places (pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, etc.) of Sui personnel, and purchase fever in strict retail pharmacies, cough Drug personnel registration report and medical institution patient information registration, supervise and guide the standard disposal of confirmed or suspected cases, and comprehensively strengthen the screening, tracking and management of close contacts. Close contacts of imported cases and positive examiners are tracked to take isolation measures at the first time.

If you reply to [asymptomatic], you can query the data and isolation requirements of asymptomatic infected persons in Shanghai, Shanghai and the whole country.

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