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[Introduction]: On April 6, 2020, which country did the imported cases outside Shanghai come from?

On April 6, Shanghai reported the investigation of 2 cases of asymptomatic infected people imported outside China.

From 0:00 to 24:00 on April 6, there were no new confirmed cases of coronavirus in Shanghai. On the same day, 3 asymptomatic infected persons were excluded from close contacts in centralized isolation, including 2 cases imported from Britain and 1 case imported from abroad. (View details of the day)

As of 24:00 on April 6, Shanghai has reported 111 cases of imported overseas cases, including 28 cases in Britain, 18 cases in the United States, 13 cases in the Philippines, 9 cases in Nigeria, 6 cases in Pakistan, there were 5 cases in France, 3 cases in UAE, 3 cases in Burkina Faso, 3 cases in Angola, 3 cases in Malaysia, 3 cases in Canada, 2 cases in Thailand, 2 cases in Spain, 2 cases in Congo (DRC), there were 2 cases in Ireland, 1 case in Turkey, 1 case in Chile, 1 case in Ethiopia, 1 case in Togo, 1 case in Russia, 1 case in Singapore, 1 case in Madagascar, 1 case in Cambodia and 1 case in Niger.

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