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[Introduction]: the global epidemic situation is grim. Shanghai Entry-Exit Administration suggested that if it is not necessary for urgent reasons, the plan to leave the country should be canceled or postponed.

Shanghai Entry-exit administration put forward in the announcement on matters related to the resumption of handling of tourism endorsement of Shanghai residents to Macao that in view of the current severe situation of global epidemic spread, many countries (regions) temporary immigration control measures have been taken. In order to prevent cross-infection during travel and unnecessary losses caused by travel obstruction, it is suggested to cancel or postpone the outbound plan if it is not necessary for urgent reasons, especially do not go to countries with severe epidemic. If it is really necessary to go abroad, before departure, you should know the entry control measures and epidemic situation of the destination in detail, and make sufficient preparations for personal protection.

Since August 26, the entry and exit administration department of Shanghai public security organ has resumed handling the travel endorsement (including team travel and personal travel endorsement) of Shanghai residents (including holders of Shanghai valid residence permit) to Macao.

WHO: More than 23 million new confirmed cases and more than 800,000 deaths worldwide

According to the latest data released by the World Health Organization on August 23, there are more than 23 million confirmed cases in the world, reaching 23057288 cases; There are more than 800,000 deaths, reaching 800906 cases.

According to the latest data on the WHO website, as of 12:48 Central European Time on the 23rd (18:48 Beijing time), the number of confirmed cases worldwide increased by 244223 compared with the previous day, reaching 23057288; The number of deaths increased by 5772, 800906 cases were reached.

At present, the United States and Brazil are the top two countries in the world with cumulative confirmed cases and deaths. The United States has confirmed 5567217 cases and 174246 deaths. Brazil has confirmed 3532330 cases and 113358 deaths. In addition, countries with more than 500,000 confirmed cases include India, Russia, South Africa, Peru, Mexico and Colombia; Countries with more than 30,000 cumulative deaths include Mexico, India, Britain, Italy, france.