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[Introduction]]:Where is the WeChat prosecution entrance of Guangzhou Internet court? What materials need to be uploaded during the prosecution process? The editor will share the collected information with you immediately.

  Guangzhou Internet Court public number prosecution process (the article will finally have reference to prepare evidence for prosecution)

  Online litigation process

First, search Guangzhou Internet court on WeChat and pay attention to it.


Before filing a lawsuit, you can see the following figure to understand what cases the Guangzhou Internet court will accept.


After understanding, please enter the public number and click “smart platform”-“litigation platform” in the menu bar”


If you are entering the platform for the first time to submit a lawsuit, you also need to register. The registration process will be provided below. If you have already registered, please click online litigation”


Then choose “jurisdiction court”, “prosecution cause” and “jurisdiction basis”


Then upload the plaintiff information


Next is the defendant information, which is divided into natural persons and legal persons.


The next step is to upload litigation-related information. The remaining process is shown in the following figure.


  Account registration process

On the login page, click Register”


Then you are prompted to enter your mobile phone number first.


The next step is to require you to perform real-name authentication for face recognition. Since you need to read numbers during face recognition, it is recommended to go to a quiet place for face recognition. Log in after registration.


  Reference of evidence to be prepared for prosecution

I. Disputes over internet shopping contracts

1. Shopping platform order (screenshot);

2. Product sales webpage (screenshot);

3. Shopping invoice (or screenshot of payment);

4. Logistics records;

5. Evidence of communication between the two parties (such as chat records), etc.

II. Disputes over liability infringement of internet shopping products

1. Shopping platform order (screenshot);

2. Product sales webpage (screenshot);

3. Shopping invoice (or screenshot of payment);

4. Logistics records;

5. Communication with sellers (such as chat records);

6. Test report;

7. Evidence to prove the actual loss caused by the product, etc.

III. Disputes over Internet service contracts

1. Internet service contract;

2. Screenshots of payment for services;

3. Communication between the two parties (such as chat records);

4. Other evidence that can prove the other party’s breach of contract.

IV. Disputes over Internet financial loan contracts and Internet Small loan contracts

1. Internet loan contract;

2. Receipt of collection (debit);

3. Bank flow records of fund lending;

4. The flow record of the defendant’s repayment, etc.

5. The lending institution also needs to submit the qualification certificate of financial loans or small loans (such as the approval and filing materials of the financial bureau) and the relevant evidence of identity authentication and examination of the borrower before signing the loan contract.

V,Internet copyright ownership, infringement disputes (including ownership of network works, infringement disputes, and infringement of non-network works Information Network dissemination rights disputes)

1. Certificate of ownership of works (such as design manuscript, signed works, copyright registration certificate, authorization letter, etc.);

2. Relevant evidence (such as notarial certificates, timestamp documents, etc.) confirming the defendant’s infringement;

3. Evidence proving the plaintiff’s loss, reasonable expenditure amount or the defendant’s infringement profit;

VI. Disputes over Internet domain names

1. Evidence to prove the ownership of network domain names;

2. Network domain name contract;

3. Network license contract;

4. Relevant evidence (such as notarial certificate, etc.) that can prove that the defendant has breach of contract or infringement.

VII. Disputes over using the Internet to infringe on others’ personality rights

1. Instant messaging software chat records, forum posts and other relevant evidence confirming the defendant’s infringement;

2. Evidence that the plaintiff’s personality right is damaged accordingly (such as the reduction of personality evaluation, etc.).

8. Administrative disputes arising from administrative acts such as Internet information service management, Internet commodity trading and related service management made by administrative organs.

1. Specific administrative act documents made by administrative organs (such as written decision of administrative penalty, administrative reconsideration decision, etc.).

2. If there is relevant evidence to prove that the specific administrative act made by the defendant is illegal, it can also be submitted at the same time.