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[Introduction]: What is the process of Shanghai traffic WeChat public number license plate shaking? The editor will share the collected information to everyone immediately!

First, search for the “Shanghai transportation” public number on WeChat and follow it


After entering the public number, click “transportation service” in the menu bar”


On the traffic service page, click “indicator business of small and medium-sized passenger cars” (this is license plate shaking), and the entrance is at the lower position.


Enter the mobile phone number and verification code to bind the account;


Click apply for individual incremental metrics to read the metrics policy;



Next, select the identity type “household registration personnel in this city” or “non-household registration personnel in this city”;


After that, fill in the information according to the form regulations, check the information and verify it by SMS, and then complete the application! The application review results will be published before the 23rd of each month.


License plate increment index application time provision:

For applications submitted before the 8th (inclusive) of each month, you can query the lottery or bidding qualification from the 23th of the month. If you apply after the 8th of each month, you can only participate in the license plate shake or bidding next month. If the applicant has any objection to the result of qualification examination, it shall submit an application for review to the index management agency within 5 working days from the date of publication in accordance with the prescribed procedures. If the application for review is not submitted within the time limit, it shall be deemed as no objection. The index management institution shall include the incremental index application established after review and objection into the next phase of configuration.

The indicator control management agency provides applicants with online review and window review: applicants can submit a review application by logging in to the indicator control service center system, or call the 96900 transportation service hotline to make an appointment, submit a review application with a valid certificate to the specified metric business window.