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[Introduction]: the office of epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Yuexiu district issued a notice on the recent overseas imported cases and related cases in the district Yaotai of Mineral Spring Street, saying that there was no “village closure.

Official release: there is no village closure in Yaotai districts

Recently, there have been imported cases and related cases outside China in Yaotai areas of Mineral Spring Street in our district. According to the requirements of epidemic risk prevention and control, this street adopts strict community control for Yaotai areas on the basis of the original community control, strengthen health management. At present, Yaotai districts have entrances and exits in Yaotai archway and Yaohua West Street. People and cars can enter and exit normally with Suikang code, body temperature measurement, and masks. There is no situation of “closing villages.

For the sake of their own health and safety and the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control, please do not believe the rumor, and support strict control.

Yuexiu District epidemic prevention and control headquarters office

April 7, 2020

If you reply to [risk], you can query the risk levels in Shanghai and all parts of the country, and you can also query personal tracks within 14 days.

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