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[Introduction]: Shanghai CDC solemnly calls on the people who come (return) to the ear before coming (return) to the ear, they should actively log on to the ear Kang code and fill in the personal information accurately and completely.

People from Wuhan to Shanghai need to apply for “Sui Kang code” or “Yue Kang code”. Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Commission recommends that all people from other provinces (returning to) carry out a nucleic acid test.

Shanghai CDC solemnly calls for: Before coming (returning), people who come (returning) should actively log on to Sui Kang code, fill in their personal information accurately and completely, and pay attention to personal protection on the way, strictly implement various prevention and control measures.

Low risk areas in Wuhan:

1. It is recommended that all people from other provinces (returning to) have a nucleic acid test.

2. Pay close attention to the health status of themselves and people living together, such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell (taste), diarrhea and other symptoms, do a good job of protection, go to medical institutions for diagnosis and treatment in time, and actively report the activity history of the past 14 days.

Risk areas in Wuhan:

1. People who come to (return) in medium-risk areas will be isolated at home for 14 days.

2. “four-one” health management and 14-day self-health monitoring are carried out by people from the city where the middle risk is located.

The time of the above measures starts from leaving the city and (district) County where high school risks are located. For cities with local spread epidemic and no risk level has been defined, refer to the management of the city where the risk is located.

High-risk areas in Wuhan:

1. In high-risk areas, people coming to (returning to) spike will be isolated for 14 days. During the isolation period, we should strictly abide by the regulations of observation points and cooperate with nucleic acid detection and health monitoring.

2. High-risk administrative districts (returning) personnel carry out 7-day home isolation and 7-day home health monitoring. If you do not have the conditions for home health monitoring, centralized observation will be implemented. During the period of home health monitoring, it is unnecessary not to go out and not to participate in any gathering activities. Those who cause the spread of the epidemic or the risk of transmission should be investigated for responsibility according to law.

3. People from high-risk cities (returning) carry out “three days and two Inspections” (24 hours interval) and 14 days home health monitoring.

The time of the above measures starts from leaving the city and (district) County where high school risks are located.

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