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[Introduction]: when will Shanghai resume Macao visa during the epidemic? On August 11, the State Immigration Administration issued the announcement on resuming the registration of mainland residents traveling to Macao.

When will Shanghai resume Macao visa during the epidemic?

According to the announcement on resuming the application of mainland residents’ travel endorsement to Macao published by the State Immigration Administration on August 11, if there are no special circumstances, from August 26, 2020, the exit-entry administration department of the public security organ of Shanghai province resumed handling the travel endorsement (including team travel visa and personal travel visa) for residents of Shanghai province to Macao. As soon as the news came out, the Shanghai tourism industry said that they had been waiting for a long time and responded quickly.

There is no need to be isolated for 14 days between Macao and Macao.

Macao new coronavirus infection and strain coordination center announced on July 13 that from now on, mainland Chinese residents (including Shanghai province personnel) do not need to conduct 14-day isolation medical observation when entering Macao. In addition, since 6 am on July 15, the personnel entering Shanghai province from Guangdong-Macao port will no longer be subject to centralized isolation for 14 days of medical observation, but nucleic acid testing is required before entry.

These preparations are needed to enter Macao.

1. Within 24 hours before entering the country, apply for “Macao health code” and “Guangdong health code”;

2. Hold the endorsement of going to Macao within the validity period.

Note: At present, the official has not talked about whether the entry into Macao needs nucleic acid test proof, but Macao needs negative nucleic acid test proof when returning to the mainland. If there are friends who are in a hurry to go to Macao, we recommend that you do a good job in nucleic acid detection in advance.

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Macau hotel prices have dropped significantly

Zheng Nianjun, general manager of Nanhu National Travel Service, said in an interview yesterday that the resumption of handling of Macao tourism endorsement measures for Shanghai residents was another major decision affecting the tourism industry since the re-opening of cross-provincial team tourism, “Under the normal state of epidemic prevention and control, plus-sized the scope of open tourism is undoubtedly to inject a strong shot into the tourism industry of the two places”.

Su Yingshan, executive deputy general manager of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao travel headquarters of Lingnan holding Guangzhou Tour, predicts that with the resumption of Macao personal travel endorsement, travel agencies will usher in the climax of travel consultation and hotel reservation in Macao. Among them, the hotel’s deep leisure tour may become a new trend for Shanghai citizens to travel to Macao after the epidemic.

It is understood that at present, the Guangzhou tour has been put on shelves, including pre-sale tickets of many famous luxury hotels in Macao, such as Xinying Ying Hui, Yingshang, Xinying Feng, Venetians, Parisians, etc. From the price point of view, the booking price of Macau hotels has an average drop of 20%-30% compared with the same period last year, with the highest drop of 45%.

It is understood that all local hotels and resorts in Macao are ready and eagerly look forward to the re-visit of mainland tourists. Macao Sands Resort has implemented hundreds of safety, health and epidemic prevention measures since the beginning of May, including strict disinfection of its hotels and providing more contactless services. In addition, Macau Star hotel, “Macau Galaxy” and “Macau Broadway” have recently upgraded their original safeguard measures around the three major fields of health testing, deep disinfection and personal protection, it aims to give mainland tourists a more comfortable vacation experience.