On November 24, the flight from Shanghai to Lanzhou CZ3251 was taken together to check the entrance.

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[Introduction]: a asymptomatic covid-19 infection was found in Gansu province. The CDC now reminds us that passengers taking flight CZ3251 on November 24 should take the initiative to report the relevant information to the community where the residence is located at the first time, perform nucleic acid detection as required. The following services currently support contact inquiries for patients with confirmed or suspected covid-19 pneumonia within 14 days (train, plane, passenger carrying vehicle, passenger ship). Queries of simultaneous contacts in the epidemic 1. State Council: click to enter 2. People’s Network: click to enter 3. CCTV news: click to enter Source: State Council One asymptomatic covid-19 infection found in Gansu province End isolation in Shanghai and take a flight to Lanzhou According to the report of Gansu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention on November 27, November 27, 202020, Wuwei city reported a case of asymptomatic covid-19 infection. The […]