A worker in Xiamen can’t swim. On his way to work, he went to the roadside ditch to catch fish and drown.

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“When we heard the cry, we knew something was wrong, but we couldn’t swim. We were so anxious that we could only call the police for help.” At about 14:30 yesterday, a worker walked naked into the roadside ditch on the Chengchang Village section of SE WING Avenue, and unfortunately drowned. According to Mr. Wang, the worker of the deceased, the deceased’s surname is Wang and works in the factory opposite the incident. At about 14 o’clock yesterday, the deceased and two workers went to work. On the way, Mr. Wang said he would go to the ditch to catch fish, and the two workers were playing nearby. Soon, there was a cry from the ditch, but neither of the two workers could swim. They were so anxious that they rushed around and called the police. Later, the firemen rescued Mr. Wang. Unfortunately, Mr. Wang was pale and had no […]