2021 do other places need to be isolated when coming to Shanghai (with prevention and control measures from all over the country)

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[Introduction]: those who have a history of living in high-risk areas should conduct nucleic acid detection after coming to the ear and returning to the ear, and conduct 14-day isolation medical observation. The latest news: Shanghai released the classified prevention and control work of the new coronavirus epidemic on May 29 (Circular No. 13). Multi-region stop non-daily activities. Within some regions of Yuexiu district, Haizhu district and Panyu district: all personnel should go out less and do not participate in gathering activities. >>> Details Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control measures for major cities in ChinaEpidemic prevention and control measures at departure destinationHigh Risk Area ShanghaiNucleic acid detection +14 days centralized isolation medical observation (View details) nucleic acid detection in risk areas +14 days home isolation medical observation (View details) Beijing middle risk area Shanghai From the date when the city was downgraded to a low risk level, No longer require […]