The dead man with burns was found in the garbage pool on the mountain. He suddenly withdrew his rent and took away his luggage.

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After living in the house for several years, he suddenly withdrew the rent; Overnight, he took away all the luggage. Xu Moumin seemed to be ready to leave before the incident. Yesterday, the reporter of the guide found the house rented by Xu in front of people’s livelihood. The landlord did not know what had happened and said, “I can’t find him either.” The place where Xu rented before people’s livelihood According to the situation reported by the police, Xu lived temporarily in Xihu village, Xinmin town, Tong’an before people’s livelihood. Under the guidance of insiders in the village, the reporter of the guide found the rental house rented by Xu before Minsheng. In this house near the village entrance, Xu lived on the 5th floor in front of people’s livelihood. “Everyone is busy at ordinary times and seldom deals with each other.” A resident downstairs told the reporter of […]