Yesterday’s shower is just a prelude. There is a rainstorm in Xiamen today and tomorrow.

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Last night, Xiamen Meteorological Observatory issued a rainstorm warning warning. There is a rainstorm weather process in our city today and tomorrow. The main heavy precipitation periods appear today and tomorrow. Today and tomorrow, citizens should remember to carry rain gear when they go out. Relevant departments should pay attention to prevent geological disasters such as local collapses, landslides and urban and rural waterlogging caused by heavy rainfall. Yesterday, it rained in our city. The citizens held an umbrella in one hand and felt the coolness brought by the rain in the other hand. A citizen without an umbrella ran in the rain yesterday. They played an umbrella together. [Haoyu]] Today’s rainfall is expected to be 60~100mm Yesterday, the weather in Xiamen had changed obviously: the whole day was covered with clouds and curtains, and around noon, there were showers everywhere until the night was still hard to stop. The […]