Xiamen city swimming pool “physical examination” will be fully opened two rounds of unqualified will be shut down for rectification

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Yesterday morning, the municipal sports bureau and the municipal health Planning Commission held a meeting on the health and safety management of swimming pools in the city. The reporter learned from the meeting that our city will carry out joint inspection of swimming pool hygiene and safety. In 2013, swimming, rock climbing, diving and skiing were listed as the first batch of high-risk sports by the country. The swimming project management unit in our city needs to declare to the sports administrative department in its jurisdiction. Judging from the situation reported at yesterday’s meeting, up to now, 19 swimming projects in our city have completed the declaration and obtained the administrative license to operate high-risk sports projects. Among them, there are 8 in Siming district, 8 in Tong’an district, 2 in Jimei District and 1 in Xiang’an district. In order to guide and urge the business units to declare, the […]