“Canhong” tianhuo island heat island Xiamen yesterday released the first high temperature warning this year

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Affected by typhoon “canhong”, the high temperature of 38.5 ℃ appeared yesterday Xiamen Railway Station, which refreshed the new high this year again, becoming the sixth high temperature day this year, exceeding the annual level. In this regard, Xiamen Meteorological Observatory also issued a high temperature orange warning signal to remind citizens to pay attention to heatstroke prevention. 38.5 ℃ this is the 6th high temperature day this year. At 10:40 A.M. yesterday, an orange icon appeared, an orange high temperature warning signal. This is the first high temperature warning signal in Xiamen this year, and it is the second level of high temperature warning signal, which means that the highest temperature will rise to above 37℃ within 24 hours. Relevant units and personnel are required to do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling. The fact is that it is true. At 11:00 yesterday, Xiamen Railway Station had […]