Chen Hong came to Xiamen to talk about promoting movies. Jaycee Chan ruined “Monk Comes Down the Mountain”

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On the 10th, the film “Monk Comes Down the Mountain” starred in Guo Fucheng and chief producer Chen Hong appeared in various cinemas in Xiamen for publicity. The film is co-starred by Wang Baoqiang, Guo Fucheng, Zhang Zhen, Lin Zhiling, Fan Wei, Wang Xuezhen, Wu Jianhao and so on. At present, the box office has exceeded 0.35 billion. Chen Hong talks about drug abuse in Jaycee Chan Asked about the film and Zhang Zhen’s “basic love” play on the grass, Guo Fucheng responded with a smile: “Our relationship has surpassed that of men.” Guo Fucheng went to Xiamen for the first time. Zan Xiamen Island was very similar to his hometown Hong Kong. Hearing that Zhang Xueyou and Andy Lau came to the concert, Guo Tianwang said, “it seems that I should come too!” Monk Comes Down the Mountain of the scenes in the released Jaycee Chan were retained, but […]