Investment bosses discuss the thinking of creators: “Xiamen lifestyle can be sold”

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As of March this year, Xiamen had 103 venture capital institutions with registered capital of 7.7 billion; 246 private equity investment institutions with registered capital of 27.695 billion yuan; In addition, there are 3 foreign private equity institutions with registered capital of 0.4 billion US dollars. Yesterday, Xiamen Daily newspaper and Xiamen Finance Bureau jointly hosted the Xiamen venture capital industry development symposium to discuss how Xiamen venture capital and private equity participate in promoting local entrepreneurship under the background of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. At the venture capital industry symposium, everyone expressed their views. Xiamen Daily reporter Huang Rong photo Give consideration to small teams If you want PE and VC, you need angel investment. At present, the government guiding fund has become an important tool for the government to promote the development of equity investment market and promote innovation and entrepreneurship. This year, Xiamen took the lead in […]